My name is Carolyn Barnes. I have been riding horses since I was nine years old. I started out trail riding Racking Horses with my Aunt and now I show American Saddlebreds with my barn in Helena, Alabama.

About myself:

I was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama and I have loved horses all of my life. My first memory of horses was a pony ride on a horse named Butterscotch. When I was nine, I started doing some trail riding with my dad’s sister. I bought my first horse in 2004 and learned what I could from a friend who was a Hunter Jumper rider. I started lessons on my horse that lead to a fear of riding. I moved my horse to Rocking S Farm in about 2011 and began my journey of getting over fears. I started riding American Saddlebreds and taking lessons in 2012.

I have overcome a lot fears, but I suffer from a Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), Depression, Anxiety, Lupus and Osteoarthritis which make it difficult to overcome everything. BPD is my biggest struggle, because I have to overcome my emotions and feelings to find what is really going on with me. Horses can feel your emotions and feelings, which can make riding very difficult.

I fell off my horse in February and I am working on my physical and mental recovery from that event. The physical therapy has helped me build up muscles and my core, but it’s harder to get the BPD dealt with.

I recently started playing Star Stables Online (SSO). This game promotes positivity, personal growth, and promotes a safe positive and collaborative play. As a horse lover, it gives you the opportunity to own and learn about horses that you may never have in the real world. I started playing this game with my boyfriend’s daughter, who has encouraged me to record my gameplay and share it online.

The game also helps improve reading skills, which for me has always been a struggle since I was young. I have created videos where I am reading the quests aloud and I can hear myself struggling with the words. Doing this has helped me to work on my reading speed, and comprehension. You have to read quest to understand what your objective is.

Playing this game has helped me through some of my mental struggles, as has working with a therapist and talking to my boyfriend. I am working on a plan to get back into good riding shape and to get my horse where I have always wanted him to be. He is a 19 year old American Quarter Horse, whom I purchased at the age of 3, and he is still willing and able to try things out with me. If he’s still willing and able, I need to get him my best.

My Horse Riding Interests

Hunt Seat

Western Pleasure

Western Patterns