Getting back

I always hated being asked to create a goals, both in school and at work. There is this ingrained notion that I will not be able to achieve these goals, but this is a notion that has been created by my Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). I have been taking a course on becoming a certified Project Manager. Goals and projects are not very different.

Both have end results that you are looking to achieve. In Project Management, you go through the costs involved in the project, the risks, and the weight of it all for the results. A goal is no different. You have a result that you want, but you have to plan how you are going to attain your goal.

So with that in mind, why not apply SWOT analysis to myself while I create a SMART goals? The SWOT analysis will give me the opportunity to pull out my positives and align them to meet my goals. Here are a couple of visual aids about the two techniques I want to combine:

How to Do a SWOT Analysis (with Examples)
SWOT Analysis basics/defined
How to Write SMART Goals and Use Them at Work | Kazoo
SMART Goals basics/defined

I want to take these two techniques and use them to help myself get back into the saddle. I want to create my goals, but also find the positives about myself to show myself that I can do it.

My set backs this year have been falling off my horse and bruising my hip, mental health struggles, and sinus issues that have have me scheduled for surgery. I want to create a plan to get me both physically and mentally prepared to get back into the saddle, plus help me reach horse goals I have.

Stay tuned for my goals and plans. 🙂

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