About This Blog

I have been around horses since I was 9 years old. I did pony rides whenever available, but at the age of 9 my dad’s sister started taking me out to ride horses. Her horse was a Racking Horse and the horse I rode, I’ve learned was a Saddlebred.

From the age of 9 until 22, I rode Western and did trail riding. I always wanted to take lessons growing up and in college I met a girl who taught me a lot about horses and started me on Hunter Jumper and Dressage type riding. She helped me buy my first horse and after a mishap with a trailer and my horse at a show, we were no longer friends.

I learned what I could from people around me and started lessons in 2010. I trailered my horse in and my horse ended up hurting himself on my trailer in another mishap. I did a lot of trail rides and went to places, but I still wanted to show.

I moved my horse to Rocking S Farm, around the end of 2010, with the intention of training my horse up to ride. I quickly became friends with the trainer Suzanne Schnetzler and she helped me get over the fear I had learned from the previous trainer.

The first trainer I rode my horse with told me that he was afraid my horse was going to hurt me and that I needed to senf him off for training. I think that was the worst thing anyone could have ever said. I gave me a deep ingrained fear that kept me from doing trail rides and being happy on my horse. Suzanne has helped me get that back.

In June 2012, I attended her advanced summer horse camp. She had friend, another trainer, come in and work with us and evaluate us. She saw the same potential Suzanne did and together they helped me start my Saddleseat career.

I remember the being so scared when I first got on the horse Philip Philip, who was a beginner horse, that I cried. Suzanne’s friend stayed with me and talked to me, taking my mind off things. After that, things grew.

My life changed in 2013. I broke my foot and could not go to the National Academy Show I had been training for all year, and my husband of 10 years left me.

Suzanne was there for me through everything, so was my horse.

I bought my horse in 2004. He was 3 years old and green. In 2006, my 6 month old puppy died and I went to the barn and cried on him. Two weeks later, I went to the barn and cried on him after my grandmother died. In 2015, I went to him after my 10 year old dog died. In 2018, I went to him after I put down my adopted senior dog.

My horse has always been there for me and has always been willing to do what I ask. Suzanne was quick to tell me that my horse was not trying to hurt me like my other trainer had said. In fact, a child fell off of him during summer camp and stopped to look at her as if to say “what happened?”

In my Saddleseat career, I have bonded with one other horse that is not my own. His registered name is Lynwood’s Shadow Dream, we just call him Fleetwood. He’s a quirky guy, but our bond makes me so happy when we ride.

I started having financial trouble in September, because I hadn’t been managing my money well and I also hadn’t been riding Fleetwood. I was riding a horse that was hard to ride and I was not having fun anymore. At the same time, my horse lost a dramatic amount of weight. That was when I realized that I hadn’t done everything I wanted with my horse.

My boyfriend suggested I give up shows for a year, to help my finances, and use that time to concentrate on my horse. I have decided to do do Hunter Jumper and Dressage riding with my horse.

I am going to use this blog to chronicle my journey with my horse.

My horse is a double registered Palomino American Quarter Horse. His registered name is Lil’ Bo Streak. I call him Bo.