Step One

Before I can dive deep into any Fitness plans and attaining any goals, I must have sinus surgery. I’m scheduled to have a COVID-19 test on Wednesday, if I pass I will have surgery Friday.

It’s hard to push through Lupus and constant, nagging sinus headaches. Or the feeling like there’s about a gallon of fluid in my head that can’t seem to get out. I tried the medicine route for a while, but it only makes me drowsy.

So, in order for me to even begin to get through everything, I’m going to need an extreme sinus makeover.

My plans thus far…

My rough outline thus far is to find a fitness plan that takes me beyond that of the physical therapy exercises. Add in the eating better and smarter with a dash of completing required blood work, and going to the dentist… and that’s a step in the direction of a healthier leaf in life being turned over.

The total getting healthier is a large step and is going to take some serious consideration. My job offers rewards and incentives for healthy initiatives that they set.

A membership to the Naturally Slim program that helps change thought patterns about how one eats and what one eats. The membership costs me nothing, and completing a required amount of weeks video work earns you $75.

A step program where you are required to record 350,000 steps in a set time frame, a reward of $50. The company has many other programs that offer momentary rewards and/or no cost to me programs to help people meet health goals.

These are things I have already signed up for and will be figured into the grand plan. I am still reviewing options for exercise beyond physical therapy.

I have a friend that’s a trainer/teacher at a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) gym. Which I have always been interested in MMA and they offer the content without context. Then, there’s the usual gym option.

All of these things are great, but I need something to help keep me accountable. Which is why I look at the way that one attacks a project through Project Management. Documentation is crucial and this blog offers an opportunity for that.

Stay tuned… more to come. Especially, after I’m cleared after surgery.


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